Always Wanted Bigger

i havwe never had big breasts - now mine are 34b -- i wear padded push up bras to show off as much cleavage as i can --- i can reallt go without a bra lots of times -- enjoy wearing tight low cut tops without a bra, having my nipples show thorough and yes love net tops. i am just a show off - just wish i had bigger ones to show off even more. the only benefit to smaller breasts is that it's easy to find bikinis that fit and wear button down tops without them pulling. however, i would love to have that problem - kisses all
betty4u betty4u
5 Responses May 18, 2012

34b sounds like a perfect size to me

thank you for the advice

take some dong quai, black cohosh, and soy isoflavones and they will grow......

i would not be able to take my eyes and hands and lips off them (if you would let me too)

Wish I could swap **** with you babe. Mine are 34dd and can be a real pain at times, and bikinis are hard to find, and bra's are really expensive.<br />
The only one advantage is they do have excellent pulling power.<br />
For some reason a lot of guys and girls just can't take their eyes off them.