Finally Measured Again ~ 38p, 134cm, 6.8kgpb ^-^

Well, now that stupid bet is over, and I can get an accurate measurement of myself ^-^

Bra size: 38P, 134cm
Weight (per boob): 6.8kg
ihavehugeboobs ihavehugeboobs
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Omfg mamma ;-)

I have no idea how that translates to U.S. sizes, so I have no idea what size you were and are now.

Hey!! Wow dose are huge to climb ...he he he

dear sophi..sounds really good...and you were so accurate..:))))

hi...any chance to have a look on them pls? :)

Hey there! Could I plz email u?

wow<br />
i would like to see them :))

i think its you


How much heavier do u think they got when they were full?

I'm not exactly sure, I didn't weigh them. I probably should have. They certainly FELT loads heavier though XD haha

Wow, those are pretty big! Wish I could see em, or just you in general, even with clothes on. I just have no idea how a P sized bra would look, and I am very curious.

Amazing,, those are heavy breasts, can you notice the extra wieght. Would love to see a pic of you wearring a bra that fit propperly before you started your experiment just to see how much you overflow it now.

I can definitely feel the weight XD I have to exercise my back and such every day for a bit to be able to carry it around all the time (although, I suppose it could be argued that carrying them around IS exercise, hahaha) XD

Haha, yes XD It's definitely important ^-^

wow nice would love to see a pic of you :D you know proof is true lol :P


If you need someone to hold your breast i am completely willing to help you my dear, and also you will have a passionate Latin just for you

I would love to see them when they are full and overdue for milking.

Holy crap, that's amazing! They must be beautiful!

That's great you was able to measure yourself accurately, I guess you needed some help to hold your breasts to get the tape around the largest part of your breasts. your measurement amazes me and I am sure that you are a very beautiful girl besides your wonderful breasts, but I must admit that your breasts amaze me especially (that's nothing new to you, I'm sure)

Dang, Girl :) Your breasts compliment your personality and the rest of your looks, I'm sure. :)

Thank you ^-^

No problem, Love :)