34h *******

Well, i know mine won't be the biggest on EP, but they are in the larger group, that's for sure! I'm a 34H and growing. I am currently inducing lactation, so i fully expect them to get much larger. I'll update my size as soon as i need another bra ;)
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Nice, I would be curious on your measurements since I know cupsizes around the world are so much different ^^;

that is huge

well uk size your an H but in usa size your much larger

I love boobs so please add me as a friend and I will follow your progress. They look awesome the way they are!

You must have the most beautiful breasts, especially as you love them and are so confident.

Enjoy the growth! My girl went from a G to a M cup in nine months by inducing and taking supplements. Absolutely marvelous, and amazing. She's still growing a bit, but very slowly since she quit taking the Evening Primrose Oil and Goat's Rue. Those two + Shatavari for estrogen = absolutely amazing growth. These supplements are dangerous for people with certain medical conditions, so do your homework!

the more the merrier!