You Would Like Too Know

Well iam wearing never stoped just love too be able too put on my cloth diaper and pull on a pair of my rubber/plastic panties over my nice thick diaper.I wear em thick it just feels so good too.Love the feeling i get when iam in em.I need too restock on my plastic pants tho.tell ya more later have a dry day stay dry.
barryboy56 barryboy56
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Me too, love my thick flannel diapers with plastic pants, just makes my day.

yes looking good I wear em thick too feels good

Just taken delivery of some Gary plastic pants from They are excellent and a tight fit over my now wet disposable nappy. l have a stiffie at the moment but do not now hw long l can stop from shooting my load in my soggy nappy

mmmmmmmmwish i was there so we could play feel so good

Taht would be good but it depends how far you are from Suffolk