Hi it looks as though we may have loads in common. I have always loved wearing plastic pants, not because I have to but because I love them. They still give me a great thrill even now and love the sight of an adult boy or girl wearing lovely plastic pants. I wear them on their own when all I want to do is have a nice play and feel the soft plastic and listen to that wonderful crinkly sound as I mas*tur*bate mmm even better though if there is another wearer around to join in. I have been wearing them 24/7 for years and still get a thrill from them. At night I wear a nappy underneath so I can wet without having to go to the bathroom and just love the feel of my warm wetness spreading around my nappy held securely in place by my gorgeous plastic pants. I would love to hear from others who enjoy plastic pants as much as I do so please do get in touch through EP or e.mail me on edenisparsons@aol.com.
Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Sooo wish I could wear mine much more often the the once or twice a week I get to 'enjoy' them. Incredibly erotic, and such a sexy secret we keep from the world!

I'm wearing diapers and plastic pants at night.

I so love wearing my plastic panties.