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Fantastic guy

On a regular trip to states I saw this guy near an orphanage.. He was a pure white prince with black hair and nice french beard. He was well built and extremely sexy. I could not resist against my curiosity to know this guy, so i had to talk to the manager regarding him. The manager of the orphanage told me that this guy regularly visits his orphanage and donates money and such things almost every week. My first thought was, maybe he is a married guy who lost his wife, and has no children, so maybe that's why spends his time with orphans.. I inquired further to reveal he is a single male and moreover an orphan himself. I felt so poor for this guy and wanted to talk to him face to face, but it was time for our departure.. we left states to arrive back to our hometown.. Though i'm physically in my hometown right now.. i left my heart in states ,, <3
Anabel90 Anabel90 22-25, F 5 Responses Sep 27, 2012

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really amazing to like such agood samaritan.

That's a nice story. I think you might make it a novel if you feel like writing.

I wish i could but apparently i\'m not very good at it :(

It is amazing story, you are nice and sensitive girl - it's a wonderful and I think you will find someone beautiful:)

Good story sorry ur heart is where its at now i know a better place for ur heart to be friend with all respects not being religious but in Christ your heart will always be in a better place

yes in Christ.. ^_^

interesting story i wish you had the time to chat with him just to know him a bit and who knows what would happen from there vinny

that would be so amazing ^_^