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Or, At Least My Nice Guys Of Ep

I'm pretty sure there are a lot more great guys here on EP and I am really lucky to know the few I'm about to mention:
bulbula (my amazing Bhai who is so, so, so very sweet: sweeter than mixed fruit jam. Except when with bublina, he is always a nice, well-behaved guy. =P)
Arorin (as he is actually a really nice guy - don't let the pouts deceive you. And he is the nunuest, cutest and sweetest little kitty ever! =P)
cowshed123 (AKA the awesome Farmer *Cowie*. He's such a sweetheart! He's a special mad moo-moo and I adore him to bits of beefy pieces! =D)
ReeceH (I'm not too sure if the Aussie belongs here, but we'll see.... =/)
Strikerfreeze (is a great friend and always such a sweetie-pie and gentleman. =))
FreeFallWall (he is really a great person and a real gentleman. =])
theologian (even though he has a very tiny brain in a very big head, he's good guy who is always up for a joke. =P)
BobFrost (he's caring, smart and a very sweet guy. =])
Impulsive (is usually a very decent and nice guy, but sometimes he likes to take revenge. =O)
guidence508 (because he genuinely does care about people and is pleasant company. =])
lovelife2themax (as he is always trying his utmost best to help others and motivate them to love life to the max =) ),
and before "someone" decides that I added my whole circle of guys, I'll end off... think those who do know me know that there's a name left out which for me is extremely odd... 
Floydian (no explanations needed.)
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 11 Responses Nov 13, 2010

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I'll pop it so badly that it won't expand again. =)

*giggles* you keep that there just for me? That's so sweet! *bubble expands at the thought that she's cares enough to pop it. . .

Your bubble? *takes a safety pin out of hat*

*Watches expanding bubble in intrest.* I live to amuse :)

How boring would that have been? I get the weirdest people, but they’re the best. =)

yup :) Couldn't you have just chosen someone normal?

*shrugs* Got you, didn't I?

most odd. . .

Hehe, I think there's someone pretending to be you, Reece: you better make sure jhjr knows who the real mean, horrible, disgusting Aussie is. ;P<br />
<br />
*snicker-snicker* Ah, it's no problem, theologian. Hehe, I have been told I have an odd taste for guys. =P<br />
<br />
Ohwchie! =( *sniff-sniff, tear-tear* That hurt. =[ Just wait - I'll get you back. =/ *spank-SPANK, whip-WHIP*

Thank you for including me in the list. . . but under a heading "or at least MY nice guys" . . . AHHHHHH!!!!! *runs away*

Crap, I actually made this list HAHAHAHAHA I am not sure either if I am supposed to be on he **giggles** =P