Who Me ?

Me,Iwas the the guy that atracted a lot of girls...partied a lot...new where the parties were.When all was said and done,I was the male version of a ****.It was fun while it lasted.Then the real world showed up.It was tough at first but I managed.Still kind of a ****!Oh well,as much as some things change some things remain the same.
christy2u christy2u
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Yes they should have christy and it was their loss. I have turned into a nice person, and for the most part it has been because of mycrossdressing and the people I have met on EP. I find tha I am getting softer and more fem not only outwadly but inwardly as well. Emotions are becomming a big part of my life now as opposed to having to hide them away in my"he man" body.

I was the outsider. I went to 5 high schools before I graduated. My dad was in construction at the time and we moved a lot. I was football team material and loved the game, and tried out for the team at every schol but all I ever got to do was practice. Never at one school long enough to get on the team. Never made many friends. Get a friendship building and have to leave and go to nother school. Almost gave me a complex.<br />
Went to my 30 year class reunion. Had a real dull time. While every one knew each other and were having lotsof fun reminicing, I got to stand in the corner and watch. I knew no one there and no one knew me. I'll never go back to another one. Just a bunch of snobs if you ask me. They could have at the least accepted me.

Yes they should have.To bad for them,they didn't get to know who you are.