Jenna! Jenna!

I would totally do Jenna Fischer from "The Office." And Amy Adams, the girl from "Enchanted," I would love to ..... you know. I think what I have in mind goes a little past dating.
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Oh the blond from "arrested development" Any day or night or all day and night!

Do you know Jenna wrote her experience about being a struggling actress? Her ex-husband helped her a lot and she said she forever appreciated him. Yet they got a divorce (I think it was after the hit "the office"). I really can't understand why... two people who are so in love will eventually part their ways.
I really like her as well. She's pretty and funny.

Interesting. I'll bet she had to make some interesting choices.

Two very sexy choices there Sarah!!<br />
Mine? Hmm... Clair Forlani...

My answer wouldn't change if I were a lesbian from right now. Jennifer Aniston. I want to eat her ***** really bad and that wouldn't change if I were a lesbian or preferably bi-sexual. That is followed, closely, with that girl who played the daughter on Who's the Boss.

Amy Adams .. yea and Angelina Jolie too mm hmm .. Selma Hayek is pretty hot too; christina aguielerra; gwen steffani; hmmmm ..

Is it too late to add Tina Fey to the list?

Nope. Hands down - Angelina Jolie. And maybe Jenna Elfman . . .