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1. What human quality do you rate the highest?  Compassion, kindness

2. What faults do you find easiest to forgive?  immaturity, inexperience.

3. What quality best helps a person get on in life? Good social skills and self esteem

4. What do you regard as life's greatest boon? Sleep

5. What would you miss most in life? Laughter

6. What do you think of present day Western Civilisation? A debauched, materialistic nightmare

7. What do you consider the most important invention in the history of man? The wheel

8. Do you belong to any religious denomination? If so, which? Was brought up Roman Catholic but none now

9. What do you consider the first essential of a happy marriage? To truly love one another.  

10. What historical figure do you admire the most and why? St Francis of Assisi because of his kindness and love for animals and the example he set.

11. What classic work of art has impressed  you the most? Not sure , possibly the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (as I have been there).   I  am interested in the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch as I feel I could have painted it myself! Lol!

12. Name 5 of your fav' books. The Story of San Michele, Short Stories by Anton Chekhov,  Bambert's Book of Missing Stories, The Kite Runner, Across the Plains by Robert Lois Stevenson,

13. What are your fav' flowers? Sweet pea,, honeysuckle, jasmine  (hmm , I may be getting confused with my fav' scents ) Wild poppies

14. What is your fav' colour? Sky blue and green

15. What is your fav' animal? An African caracal for wild beauty but my gorgeous border collie for heart love

16. What is your fav' exercise? Bodyboarding

17. What weather and season do you like the most? Autumn because unpredictable .. often still hot enough to go surfing and often cold enough to sit around a camp  fire

18. What is your fav' food and drink? I enjoy seafood (but not if its been boiled to death!!)  pasta, fresh crusty bread, wine

19. what is your fav' recreation? Surfing (Oh, ok .. bodyboarding!!)

20. What is your motto in life ? Learn from your mistakes

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Gosh, thank you :)

Thank you GivenTake. Look forward to reading your answers :)

Nice post.....a getting to know you. I like the stories that make you ponder.......Cute cartoon: )


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Surfing!! Just remember surfing!

Ummmmmmm when I read bodyboarding my mind said water boarding....YIKES!

Thank you Princess .. xx

Dear, I think the ceiling needs painting :)

* chuckle *

*Huge grin*

Hehe .. hoping no one takes offence

Heh like the chapel picture !! Ha Ha ,....

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Yeah! That is JUST as impressive!!

I know .. (blush)<br />
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I just love saying I am off surfing ... lol!

So agree with your feeling about "The Scream"... also "learning from mistakes" is a fabulous motto...hmmm could also be a great goal! :)

I know , I feel I should engrave it on my walls!!

Yeah, I feel like ordering the poster .. it kinda cheers me up that someone else gets it too ;)

LOL, sleep.

Hehe .. I was trying to be upbeat and positive but then thought WTH ... the painting is iconic and brill!!

It is the only way I can go on .. if I thought I was going to make the same mistakes I would want to stop, right now.

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Lets be having yours Tummie

hehehehe I like your #6 :P

Thank you des ;)