Melissamel's Answers

1. What human quality do you rate the highest? love

2. What faults do you find easiest to forgive?  shyness and forgetfullness but they are not faults in my eyes

3. What quality best helps a person get on in life? openness and friendliness

4. What do you regard as life's greatest boon? My children

5. What would you miss most in life? My friends and family and being able to feel see hear taste and smell

6. What do you think of present day Western Civilisation? Fake...everyone is so worried whay others think of them people are not themselves and unhappy and wonder why.

7. What do you consider the most important invention in the history of man? technologies like computing and advancements in medicine and science

8. Do you belong to any religious denomination? If so, which? Um mm I be.lieve there is "something" but dont follow "religon"

9. What do you consider the first essential of a happy marriage? openness and listening skills

10. What historical figure do you admire the most and why? Charles Darwin as comming out with the theory of evolution would has been very hard in his time

11. What classic work of art has impress you the most?  Botticelli Birth of Venus

12. Name 5 of your fav books? Really enjoyed Harry Potter series, anything written by Jeffery Deaver, my tarot handbooks, my numerology hand books, and a very special book my Uncle gave to me when i was young about friendship.

13. What are your fav' flowers? Iris, waterlilly

14. What is your fav' colour? Violet, Peacock Blue, teal

15. What is your fav' animal? Hard to pick mmm love lots of them but the big cats are special so the Jaguar

16. What is your fav' exercise? walking, snow skiing, swimming

17. What weather and season do you like the most? Cool weather, spring winter and autumn

18. What is your fav' food and drink? Anything Japaneese esp.Sushi, raspberries and anything lemon flavoured to drink

19. what is your fav' recreation? Exploring anywhere outdoors

20. What is your motto in life ?  "I can get temporary satisfactory anything but permanent excellent nothing"
melissamel melissamel
36-40, F
Sep 30, 2011