A Bit Of A Mystery

In high school, I wasn't really defined as being in a certain group or having certain characteristics. I was in all AP and honors courses but I didn't hang out with the nerds or the geeks. I wasn't put in the "popular group" but I was known around the school. I played soccer my first two years,but I never hung out with the jocks. I was somewhat loud in my classes and I was always joking around with my peers but I wasn' considered the class clown. I had a wide variety of friends in all the groups but I wasn't really into hanging out with people my own age. There is a community college 15 minutes away from where I grew up so I hung out with kids in college. Although at the time, I had fun and I don't regret it, I did miss out on many high school opportunities and didn't embrace the joys of being a high schooler. I didn't participate in groups or organizations within my school and I hardly went to any football games because I was busy hanging out with an older crowd who wouldn't have been interested in high school sporting events, etc. I'd say in high school, I was a mystery to most people. They knew I partied but they never knew with who and they knew I went out but they never knew what I did.. I had a best friend who I was inseparable with and she would always be with me. We were a pair. We had all the same classes and since people always saw us together, they joked that we were attached at the hip. Nearing the end of my senior year, after breaking up with a sophmore in college, I began hanging out with the people in my classes on weekends. Now I reflect upon it, and I understand the importance of having friends your own age. I was used to hanging out with people at least two years older than me and once I began hanging out with other seniors, I could appreciate the connection and relatability that comes with hanging out with peole who are going through the same processes and dilemmas as I am, such as choosing a college, graduation, etc. High school, overall, was a very enjoyable time for me. I learned a lot of lessons and went through some of the hardest times but I wouldn't change anything I did or the reputation I made for myself.
Lisa7247 Lisa7247
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2010