Definitely True, Somewhat

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!

This is most definitely true, at least somewhat. Although I didn't play the drama freak in drama class I was a drama queen to myself and everyone else I knew. I took everything seriously. However, I definitely saw myself as an emo poet because I'm still that. I am very expressive and unique, you all know that from my stories. I am still very weird and even more so talented, woo-hoo!

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Yeah, I did but the virus was so terrible that it keeps curropting my computer's registry which makes it hard to get, keep, or stay with a Internet Connection. More info about it is in my blog.

Rhiannon, I can most definitely relate. I also tried to fit into so many groups of people - I hung out with the jocks (but was looked down on by them), with the goths who I found very realistic, I was a loner (only hanging out with my younger brother at times), and so much more.