I Was the One Who Talked to Everyone, Almost.

When I was in HS - I was the girl who got along with everyone. Didn't pick and choose her friends.. granted, I still had close friends - but I really talked to too many people. Went out of my way to say "Hey, what's up?" I talked to everyone - spilled my guts to probably too many people at the beginning of HS. I befriended everyone. And I learned from it.. pretty fast.

Senior year up until now.. I've been a hell of a lot selective.

It's funny though - when you see people you used to know from HS - they pop out of the woodwork and are like, "Hey, how've you been? Where you going to school? Working? What have you been up to?" It's just strange.. and I know I do the same thing - so one could call me a hypocrite.. but *shrugs*

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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I am the misfit, no one really knows anything about me, I'm just there to say something funny every once in a while.

I was the art geek, begining goth before goth was goth. That was 20 something yrs ago.