Oh Highschool..

In HS i got along with a selected few from the entire spectrum. my main group was the goths but anyone was potentially a friend. I was cocky, arrogant, belligerent, and surly. I lead the way on many occasions but was never the bad kid. I questioned athourity at every turn; problem was that they would mistake questions as challenges. We are products of our environment and how we have been nurtured. We are constantly socially/culturally conditioned and our definitions are up for interpretation depending or where we come from. Everything around us has been culturally/socially constructed.
lots of em get it, but not untill it is way too late..
We all started as somthing else.

open your mind first.
Telling people what to think and not teaching them how to think sets us up for another roundtrip.
When we exaggerate the world to not be a static model and say certian things are inherently good or bad, wewe give up the ability and possibility of getting to see the world as it could be.

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22-25, M
May 2, 2009