Who's Your Fave Nhl Team You Root For?

     I have found that there are alot of hockey fans here on EP, especially of NHL clubs.   For instance snowbunny and I are Hurricanes fans.    What team do you cheer for, and how long have you been a fan?     

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Yes Snowbunny~ now that the rest of the division has fallen back, we are making strides. Go 'Canes. The Eastern Conference is up for grabs. so we got a shot. Watch out NHL, Caniac's are a comin!

Enjoythebeach- Hey fellow Caniac!! Maybe this will be our year !!

Detroit Red Wing's i have been a fan of there;s since i was a kid and now i am 23 and still watch them :) :)

Toronto fans are ashamed to show their faces-lol

Snowy~ We'll be lined up right at the border, with our sticks and pucks. They'll have to run, just like Smokey and the bandit! LOL. I''ve got your back, and I know you've got mine!

AC- LMAO... they are pretty mean! But I trust you with the APB's and the additional pucks we may have to use =)

Marcus- Well Ottawa has Brian Murray as their GM. That guy just doesn't get it. Every where he's been , they've failed to finish. Yeah, they didn't make any stellar moves at the deadline either. Don't know what it is with that team?<br />
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Snowy~ Nope! Those mean Toronto people are staying away. We've got A.P.B's out for them, if they try to cross into North Carolina ever again! LMAO!

I was a Toronto fan up until the late 1980s, and then my allegiance shifted to Montreal when I first came to Ottawa 21 years ago. <br />
<br />
There was no Ottawa NHL franchise at that time.<br />
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I'm sad to say that Ottawa itself has never appeared capable of closing the door and finishing the job when it has needed to get done. <br />
<br />
Today's trades only serve to support that argument for the future, I'm afraid...:(

AC- No Toronto fans yet huh? LMAO

Shanqua....Can I send ya a 'Canes jersey! LOL. Hey I Like you. You've got *****, and you know hockey! Way Cool!

Baker~ The Flames really look good this season. If Kip can stand on his head, there goin' to the finals, 'cause Detroit Ain't!

Bob- We're gonna catch ya for that playoff spot. Promise not to sick Avery on us! LOL.

Habs forever.

Good morning...'Canes Rock! YOU KNOW IT!!!!

Hey there fellow Caniac!!!!!