Dave Matthews Band But Also Some Others

I first saw Dave Matthews Band on a PBS special!  They had a unique sound and I was hooked from that moment on.  I saw them live at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and 2 awesome guests showed up with them to do a song.  One was Lenny Kravitz and the other was Paul Simon.  I'm not fond of their latest works however.  Still, I have 3 of their CD's and almost every song on them is worth listening to - unlike a lot of bands. 

Before them my favorite band was Yes.  I also saw Yes in concert in New Orleans at the Orpheum Theatre.  I could not believe how clear they sounded.  You know how a band will sound so much clearer and pure on an album or cd?  Well, Yes is better Live - They were using synthesizers way before anybody else.  I also loved The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues and Queen.  I guess I tend to lean more towards bands from England than anything else. 

Word of Note though:  Good Charlotte is pretty awesome! 

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Yeah, Thanks HUPAW! I loved The Partridge Family - mostly to watch David Cassidy, every young girl and teen was in love with him, I think. I even got a Partridge Family Album (probably the only one ever made) for Christmas. I think I love you was definitely one of my favorite songs then - and to think I didn't even like boys yet, LOL! Oh, except for David Cassidy - whom I planned to marry once I turned 18!

Awesome - I was listening to The Monkey's and David Cassidy (what was that show where the Mom was the head of their band?) when I was a kid and of course, disney records!

My mother loved the Moody Blues so I grew up listeneng to them.....and now I like them. Some of the music I listen to reminds me of when I was a child, so I think thats why I like it.

You are an old soul, huh? I know them (Moody Blues) because of my older brother and then I started listening to them. I grew up in a house filled with all kinds of music! We all had different tastes but would listen to each other's music. Country, however, was not one that we listened to much except for maybe a couple my mother liked.

The Moody Blues! I love them.