~ Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ~

Men in my circle are gonna be so MAD at me.............. First off, before I write anymore, I love all my EP Men...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS SPECIAL......k?

~ The EP Man that I adore the most here, who is my favorite by far is Pntdhorse61. He lifts me up when I'm just sad. He makes me laugh, & has the ability to make me blush. He is my rock, but more then that, he is my closest male friend. I can tell him ANYTHING, & he doesn't judge. I'm not sure exactly why I was drawn to him so completely, but I'm thankful everyday that I was. He is one who finally opened my eyes to all the damage I was doing to myself, & he's helping me to heal it. I love him more than words can ever say. He is my friend, always...... ~

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Mar 14, 2009