Tom Hanks

For me, it's Tom Hanks.  Forrest Gump, Green Mile, Big, Philadelphia, just to name a few.  His new one Charlie Wilson's war looks good too.  He's got some clunkers in there, but he is my fave.
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I do love Tom Hanks movies...I always have... :)<br />
Splash was one of my earliest favorite movies... (yes, now I'm really dating myself!! )<br />
<br />
And Sleepless in Seattle is a wonderful romance movie.

Goodness, they just keep coming up! Great catches on these! :-)

Yes, Peter Scolari...<br />
<br />
Don't forget Apollo 13!<br />
And my favorite movie line of all time comes from "A League of Their Own"... <br />
"There's no crying in baseball!!!"<br />

Saving Private Ryan - another winner!<br />
<br />
Yes, I saw a rerun of Bosom Buddies the other day, what a baaaaad show. :-) His partner in that show was one of the actors in the Newhart show (the one in Vermont) - can't think of his name, Peter Scolari maybe?

Does anyone remember when he was on the TV show "Bosom Buddies"? This was before he started with movies.

aaahhhh!!! How could we have forgotten Castaway??? That was one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen--so powerful, so primal in so many ways.<br />
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The books are great (back to The Green Mile)...they give much more description than the movie does, but then again that tends to be true across the board. I love Stephen King books, so I had to read them as soon as they came out. Because they released them one part at a time over something like 6 months, I got a real lesson in patience!! <br />
<br />
How about "Saving Private Ryan"... I thought that was a great movie! :)

Didn't read the book, but loved the movie! You know, I forgot to put Castaway in the group. :-)

This is scary...those are all my favorite Tom Hanks movies!!! :) Did you just watch The Green Mile, or did you actually read the books too?