Of Course!

The twins and the Owl. You can only imagine what happened when I finally read the last book. I threw it! Then I picked it back up half a day later because it was pretty good actually. I had to read it twice to appreciate it because I was so bitter about what happened to my favorite characters.

And can you imagine my favorite Harry Potter couple? Exactly. Lupin and Tonks.

When I got especially close to Sirius during the series. I didn't read the book before the movie so I literally cried a pathetic "...nooo..." in the theater.

And I know I know. I started to really feel for Snape nearing the end of the series. By that time, I was pretty sure. Not surprised but sure of the recurring theme there. Ah me...

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3 Responses Sep 22, 2008

This sounds really odd but I'm a bit jealous of the teens that got to grow up during this series. It's just kind of funny that a misfit orphan with glasses has a legion of fans and crushes...because I had crushes on the nerdy guys in school. And the class clowns. : )

Yes. Hedwig in the books was one of my favorite characters and I was so sad when I read the first chapter of the last book. : (

Which owl? Hedwig?