It's Harry Potter!

Heehee! Sorry, Philip... I know how you hate Harry Potter, but I gotta list my favorites. =p

It's Harry, of course. But also Dobby the house-elf. And Ron, Harry's best friend. And also Ron's brothers, Fred and George, the prankster twins! Little Colin Creevy, he was so sweet! Luna Lovegood, a nutty girl after my heart! And also Severus Snape, so dark and mysterious! Whoo-hoo! ;-)

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4 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Hmm, well if we're talking the movies, I think Alan Rickman (Snape) is really, seriously hot. And same for Trent Reznor, for that matter. :)<br />
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In the books....I like Ginnie, Fred, and George.

If i was her age the I would not be married...I think...Whatever, my wife is very understanding and would come up with so fun thing to do while I was teaching Emma Watson as Hermione Granger every thing I know...This just in...My wife says I can pretend all I want. Somday she will tell me hers'...DD

My favorite would be snape...

I LOVE Emma Watson as Hermione Granger! I am sooooooooooo mad that she is not the main/lead character in the movie. <br />
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She could easily be so much more interesting. <br />
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If I was her age, I would so much want to teach her EVERY thing I know. I mean EVERTHING! OMGoddess!!! <br />
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I am a expert at the art of the long snuggly cuddle. Oh Goddess, please let my fantasy come true…DD