My Young Wifes Grandfather

he made a change inthe direction my life was headed and taught me  we are only as good as our words
he never refused to talk to us and we did ask him soem different questions for 12 years old

he taught us how to drive midgets them let use use the one our mother and her brother had raced as kids and we taught him about drag racing
they spen many weekens with us and the first thing they did was put there stuff inthe 3 rd bedroom and take our keys to the 58 corvette and take off

they were always there for us when it came to dealing with the school
i will for ever be sorry i was not here when he died i was working over seas hunting death

i had given my words not to try and take my life again when we were allowed to marry at 13 years old
and we both agreed that what i was doing was not really breaking my words death would stillbe the result but it alsom allowed me to make my wifes dreams come true

she gave her life in viet nam in 1967
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
Sep 21, 2012