connie is my S hero......she gave me something nobody ever could...the chance to be a mother. connie is my cousin, i have no sisters to help. my husband and i wanted children. we had based our whole lives on my NOT being able to have children and then it was discovered that i had one healthy ovary. as a young adult i had cervical lymphoma, the treatment ot save my life damaged my ability to have children. we discovered i could carry a child but it would never be mine, my eggs were beyond damaged....and then my S hero connie stepped up to the plate. without being asked she offered to give me an egg. in my mind she was giving me a child. my dear cousin, who had lost a baby of her own was offereing to endure giving me my own child. and she did, she endured the tortore involved in being an egg broke my heart to see what it did to her, but she smiled thorugh it all.....excited...excited to give me a gift nobody else could.....after monthes and monthes of coordinating our bodies......mine doing just what the doctors wanted, my body was ready for the eggs.....but connies body could not mature the eggs, they were not maturing at a rate that could justify the dangerous extraction....and so there on a table in boston our dreams were lost......we failed.......but in my eyes a S hero was all i could cousin, my dear dear cousin was willing to do anything to give me the chance to be a mother.......i will love her until i take my last breath.....she is my shero......
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
Jul 24, 2010