Taylor Laughtner? NO!

Justin Beiber? h(e)ll NO! (my voice his deeper than hisLOL)

Zac Efron? *shoots myself*


i would choose RYAN REYNOLDS!!!! either that or Eli Roth if he fixed his hair XP

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

zac efron isn't even that good looking!<br />
<br />
oooh man eli roth with that baseball bat!! lol i have that poster hanging up in my room!!

Haha, agreed. Zac is really only a pretty boy, not a hot guy. My God! I remember watching an interview of his and i could REALLY see the contrast in his facial bronzer to his clothes. :/<br />
Mmm, i want me some Eli. Or even some Quinto! Damn, they are some fine men i must say.