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 so i am a product of white man/asian woman love, something that is not uncommon. i think it's weird when people find the combination shocking, well maybe it isn't so shocking because i live in california. anyways, when i was younger i always wanted to know why a lot of white guys liked asian girls. i grew up in a predominately asian city and went to a high school where asians made up half of the population, and i was raised by my mother's side (who is chinese) so i identified with my asian side more than the caucasian side. in middle school my first "boyfriends" we were white boys, but it never occurred to me that i was dating white guys or that there was a pattern. then towards the end of that i decided i liked asian boys, and then in high school i became fed up wtih my mother and was angry at her because she loved white men, or dated mostly white men after my brother's father(who is chinese). The white men she did date , including my dad, abused her or treated her like ****. so i became disgusted with the whole stereotype and always wanted to know the answer to this question. the answers i did recieve, i was never satisfied with. guys that i did ask this question gave weird answers like, "they are exotic" (what DOES THAT mean?)  or "they cook well". my anger towards this trend was funny because i attract mostly white guys. during high school i made an effort to not date white boys, and insisted that i would marry an asian guy to keep the asian blood going. i would ask my mom why she liked white guys and she would say "well don't you want a guy that's taller" no, i don't really care.  this is so ironic because i am now with a white guy, and i don't think he has an asian fetish, nor do i have a fetish for white guys, but i am now over my little 'phobia'

however, i do think race fetishes are disgusting, but that is JUST my opinion. i have a good friend that likes asian women and he happens to be a caucasian male. he said he's having trouble finding a relationship, and claims that he gets along best with filipino women. when i ask him why he doesn't have a real answer to give me. maybe if he didn't close off his options he could find someone that suits him well, regardless of whether or not she is asian.

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i cant give a good ans all tell you is i was stationed in okinawa where i meet my wife we fell in love and been married for 39 years i do know alot of guys say asain women are diff but they are the same as any women i guess maybe the story that asain women cater to their men but from what i saw in asia i think that asain men treat the women as they are not the same

I don't understand how asian girls like white guys either, but I could understand the other way around. Personally I like asian girls better because white girls are brats that only look for guys 'a big size, black and mexican girls are divas same thing about the 'sizes' part (that have BOTH threatened to castrate me). But Let me show you the difference between the white girls and asian girls I talked to in highschool. First things first let's say you're getting close to a white girl BOTH times they've asked "How big is your penis?" Like it matters while I've dated ONE asian girl (and we're engaged) and she didn't care about the size we actually just clicked you know. I think in my opinion the reason why I like asian girls is the fact that I was actually able to connect to my fiance while the other girls I've dated, either just cared about one thing, were shallow, dumped me because there was another guy with better abs then me. Don't know if this answer's your question I'm just saying that I won't abuse my fiance because I'm better than that and the guys that your mom were dating were jerks that don't know what they could be missing out on.