Always Attract Way Older Men

Never been approached by someone my age...and the older men that do approach me creep me out.
ladynau ladynau
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 25, 2008

Older men, do like younger women to begin with. And younger men are just too dumb for your level of maturity, maybe? Don't stress just life. I get creepy younger men alot? And I don't want them, so what can I say, Im pretty mature mentally but like to have some fun in my life. Maybe they sense this and think lets take advantage? Not sure.

Dude, Totally get you. That's the same problem I have. I feel like totally invisible with the guys my age, but older men...hmmm not an appealing thing for me to have to deal with. haha.

I have that problem too....I don't know why. Probably because I am more mentally mature for my age.<br />
I don't like it though. It makes me feel like the younger guys don't notice me at all.

Haha exactly.

Thank you very much. I know I'll be fine. It really doesn't bother me...whatever.<br />
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It mostly happens at church, with a few of the lost souls that do come who are just getting over their problems. Maybe its because of the strength of my faith that I display. But I'm strong willed and am not<br />
going to involve myself with anybody of that nature.