I Certainly Do.

I don't know why they find me but it seems like all the crazy people wind up in my life in some way. Crazy friends, crazy family, crazy inlaws. They even find me here on EP!! What the hell is it about me? I really need to pay attention more. Sometimes I think it's because I am naive, but I'm really not, I'm pretty smart. Sometimes I think I love the challenge of figuring out a crazy nut case. Maybe that's it. I love a mystery. Why are they crazy? What made them that way? I like to study people. I really need to be careful though. Crazy people can wear you down!!

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4 Responses May 23, 2012

um ur a magnet kitty and some pple are stuck to u and cant get loose

I'm not a friend of yours and I'm an absolute nut job! So I guess you don't attract as many nuts as you think!

Don't know! I really don't fan many people, I like to keep me circle small, I prefer to have peeps whom I know well so I guess that's why, whilst I've seen you about, I don't know you well hence the lack of add!

I may have been here longer than it may appear! I'm a serial wiper!

The answer is really simple; It's a matter of statistics. In reality most of us are nuts. I know I am :)