She Said She Had A Historectomy!

My girl Deb told me she had a historectomy b/c of cancer. She's 44 and Im in my early 30's. She's now pregnant! She lied to trap me in this relationship! Turns out shes on disability for being mentally ill and is stalking me to all ends of the earth! Shes actually blaming me for not being there for her! I want to take complete custody from her drug addict ***! Her daughter is already a heroin addict who just got out of jail! I dontwant my daughter to grow up in such a horrible environment! One of her EX FRIENDS told me tht the POLICE EVEN THINK SHES OFF HER DAMN ROCKER, NEEDS TO B HOSPITALIZED, AND HAVE A THOROUGH PSYCH EVALUATION! SOMEONE HELP ME! SHE'S THREATENING TO KILL HERSELF AND THE BABY! SHE'S EVEN SAID SHE'LL GET A PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION! SHE'S ALMOST 6MONTHS ALONG! HER NUMBER IS 4845528071! PLEASE TELL HER THIS IS WRONG AND SHE NEEDS HELP DESPERATELY!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Wow, I have been in your shoes sir. All you can do is document the craziness, write it all down, do not engage her in conversation if she says she wants to kill herself tell her to call a crisis line or the police. When the child is born you can petition the court for full custody that's what I had to do and 10 years later I have a great reasonably well adjusted living child.