A Series Of Unfortunate Boyfriends

Every guy I have ever dated has had some strange or scary flaw, I don't do it on purpose I swear, they just find me. I have dated people with problems holding onto reality, guys who have explosive rage disorders, narcissistic men, obsessive clingy men, possessive and jealous men and those who are just a bit creepy. Why aren't nice normal guys attracted to me? I'm not odd but I'm starting to wonder if I have something about me that has caused be to attract ten years worth of unfortunate men :(   
bex22 bex22
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3 Responses Jun 12, 2012

same here dear. such people should have a tag in their forehead :D

Hope you can find a real nice guy but some girls do attract these not so square guys however give yourself time before looking for another partner and you could just land a real catch!

Thanx I'm definitely going to take some time just to be myself before dating again x

that is a good idea - breaking life choice patterns are not that easy. Good luck - seems you deserve better