A Broken Spirit

There was a time when I worshipped my husband. There was a time when things were truly perfect between us. But, as time passed, he betrayed me, and I learned things, that really, really bothered me, and really turned me off. Now, I hate him. Now, I feel lifeless and trapped. I'm tired of feeling sad, and I'm now battling a health condition that my doctor says is brought on by stress.

What has happened? For years, I've suspected that he has been intimate with other women, but, it's something I couldn't prove until more recent times when I saw him with another woman, myself. But initially                wait. I have to go.

SoSadAndAngry SoSadAndAngry
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

You half way to recoverey... You have pin pointed the problem (and its not you) - Every one needs time and maybe your time has not come yet and that is why you have not left... (Your concience is clear, he should be running) - Let the other women have him ... they will give him more problems than he can handle. Your time will come - and then I feell for that husband of yours ... he will loose someone whom he took for granted - I wish you luck in what ever you decide.

I am so sorry to hear you are very unhappy and stressed. The way you were talking it sounded like my old life with my ex hubby. I was in a marriage for 13 years and I too was sad and didn't think my life would get better so one day I took a stand even though others didn't agree and it was the best decision I ever made. My hubby too was bad and I found things about him that made me upset. I am here to talk if you want to. I can talk more about it. My thoughts and prayers are wit you