When I Drink Alcohol

Ok someone explain to me why I throw up uncontrollably whenever I drink alcohol. I honestly don’t have to drink much to get this sick so I would love to know what makes this happen and how I can stop it.



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Similar happens to me . Most of the times I drink . I can't get beyond 3 drinks at times . Nausea , vertigo and once the puking starts ... It goes on till I vomit only bile . I also get cold sweats . It sucks . Buts it's a sign from your body . a sign of intolerance . If pushed will lead to a severe chronic illness . Hence I rarely drink and got used to pot instead . If I do drink . I drink one glass water for every drink . Now as I get older my stomach is also getting intolerant to smoking . So we just gotta find a new fix . One that aint so toxic or one that ain't toxic at all . I'm trying yoga . Gets my head light and giddy . I'm starting to like it

And yes . If I drink I also ensure I eat a banana or slice of bread before I sleep. It helps calm the stomach , absorb the acids or whatever - it definitely helps . You got to find any one food to eat before you sleep . Anyone that works for you .

Your body's saying it doesn't want it anymore and that you should stop.

Exactly.... I have chronic pancreatitus.

a couple of my mates are allergic to alcohol. maybe you have something like that?

Glance... Oh my I would hate that but I do watch all the gluten and I try to go gluten free whenever possible.<br />
<br />
Are they playing rock music in your head sailing?

Yepper lol

LOL AB... that is a fact especially those who have pancreas concerns like me.

You don't hurt my feelings and I don't drink often. You don't hurt my feelings and it is the truth... I drink a LOT of water.

Hmmmm, allergy to alcohol? I might say - you are better off minding your stomach. Get some smoke and do something that doesn't tear up your body and give you problems. Hmmmmm, I guess that's bad advice? I shouldn't have said it but I sure did think it.

You are on my azz today Richie. What the hell have I done to you? LOL

Wake up blondie and realize that your pancreas still isn't functioning. I will always be there to hold your hair back for you.

LOL yeah I need that tshirt..; gotta earn that one. I usually only drink when I am really down anyway as a way to numbe my pain.

Sounds to me like it's time to get serious about this! <br />
<br />
Clear your agenda for the weekend and stack up on the booze... then get out the timewatch and set it up for 20mins (30 if you go with beer). Pacing is essential! <br />
<br />
Have one glass every 20mins, sipping it preferably as downing it down is a cheap way to get drunk for teens hiding from their parents. After an hour, you should hacve a nice buzz that can be maintained for a while.... or sped up or slowed down as needed. <br />
<br />
You should also try munching on some melba toast or biscotti that would soak up the alcohol and slow down the reaction time in your stomach. <br />
<br />
<br />
if ti works, don't forget to order your "I spent the night drinking and didn't puke & all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

Thanks Mahler.

Your body is evidently trying to tell you that alcohol is harming it. Your stomach must be very sensitive and if you are not careful you could end up with an ulcer.<br />
<br />
If you really must have a drink then have a glass of milk beforehad to line your stomach, it might help.

True story and I think I have told this before. When i was younger I was sick one night after partying and I don't know what I was thinking but in my mind the sink needed to be closer tro where I was on the toliet and I grabbed it and I ripped it loose from the wall! Boy wass my mom mad at me! LOL

Oh yes have that long blonde hair that shows the puke like you wouldn't believe so I will need a good friend to hold my hair back lol.

Ok, I will hold your hair for you because I am a great friend. LOL

Oh yes dear that is worth the aftermath! LOL

Ok, no Blackberry Peach Marguaritas for you!

Funny guy!

Maybe don't do the things that make you sick,<br />
<br />
Reminds me of a joke: <br />
<br />
Guy walks into a doctors office and says, <br />
"Doctor my leg hurts in three places what should I do?"<br />
Doctor says, "Don't walk in those three places"

Yeah I love red wine and had recently really starting to get into it more but wow it tears me up.

Does every kind of alcohol have the same effect? i.e I can't handle red wine. Cider gives me acid reflux.<br />
<br />
Mixing your drinks? i.e. wine after vodka after beer, or drinks that mix alcohols, like Black Russians, LIIT's, etc.?<br />
Sweet drinks? i.e. fruit juices, especially acidic ones, or lots of sweetening, or sweet liqueurs.<br />
The mixes themselves? Juice, pop, milk or cream, etc.?<br />
Just some ideas. <br />
And gosh, do I ever feel sorry for you.....

Yeah I think that some people are just more sensitive....I rarely throw up but my hangovers are far far worse than anyone else I know.....and I don't drink as much!

doggone it and I have been getting into wine lately.