I Know One Reason

 im not smart, funny, and I have about as much personality as a spoon... but i'd like to know more, so i can change ><

thegirlwiththefatcat thegirlwiththefatcat
18-21, F
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victim attitude

Hi you don't need to change your self there's loads of guys would like you for you some of like quite girl's

Add some people as friends and talk to them. I well be your friend add me.

I feel like that at times too. Nrcsguy's right you know..

Hey, I've known some pretty great spoons :) with loads of personality!<br />
Except for that one time, when THERE WAS NO SPOON. Boy was that a confusing movie.

The first thing you need to do is LOVE YOURSELF. Then the rest will follow. If you keep looking for love in an empty shell, you'll feel empty no matter who it is. But if you have love for yourself, than you can share that with someone and vice versa.