Religious Freedom

I read the various responses with some care. If you want to understand Islam today, you must look at the fruits of Islam today. In Egypt every Christian must fear his Muslim neighbor for it is the will of Allah that every Christian be killed according to the Fatwahs. Hundreds of Christians have been killed in Egypt because they are infidels and not worhty of life. In iraq Christians are killed for being Christians. In Iran Christians are killed for being Christian. In Saudi Arabia you cannot bring a Bible into the country. Our soldiers and airmen stationed there (USA and Allies) cannot bring their Bibles for fear of offending their Muslim hosts.

In the rest of the world, religious belief can be discussed intellectually and emotiionally. Some can besmirch the name of Jesus the Messiah by calling Him a prophet instead of the Son of God. Any university in the west includes departments of religion where religious ideas are debated. But if Mohammed's marriage to a six year old is questioned it is possible the some zealous Imam will put out a hit on the commentator for defaming the prophet.

In the Muslim world, I can be executed for fulfilling what my scriptures teach, in going to the country to evangelize (to bring people out of what I perceive to be the darkness of Islam into the light of Christianity). But Islamic leadership fears religious freedom because such freedom would result in discussion where people could make up their own minds on questions of faith.

In Biblical Christianity it is understood that each individual must make their own decision about Christ, but Islam requires you to be Muslim or pay a tax and face death as an infidel.
BeMYBadGirl BeMYBadGirl
51-55, M
Sep 11, 2012