You Wanna Know Why I Hate Israel ?

People , You talk about why People might Hate Israel . The Palestinians Accepted The Jews and Let them Live in Their Land . They grew up peacefully together lalalala and the Rest . But when you dumb the Zionists in Palestine , and America starts dividing the Country , Do you think well be Happy about it ? No , Of Course Not . Then You take over the Land , Because Its historically "Yours" . But You dont kick People out of their Homes and Murder Them and then say "We only want Peace" . You dont form a Country by Faith , you do it by Nationality . I"ts like saying only for example only Christians are allowed to live in Spain any other ones get killed" . Btw Gazas Weapons are a small as **** compared to Israel .(Jews(A Faith) vs Palesitinians (Nationality) wtf ? Good Jews and Palestinians are a Minority Everwhere now . As Long as America Support Israel there will be no Peace , Instead of Letting them Love each other you divided them and Made them Hate each other .

I have loads of other stuff but I think its no use because People who didnt experience that stuff and People who sit somewhere safe in America , Fox News all Day and have never heard a Gun Shot in their Lives dont understand , or maybe dont want to understand . I used to have Good Jewish Friends but after Israel everything turned upside down

My Mum used to live in Iraq before 2003 and They were Jews living there Peacefully with Christians and Muslims , going to Schools etc But after America invaded for Resources Everything turned upside down . Face it , Everytime America scrapes in Somwhere , Division and Discrimination takes Place ,, Just Like America Itself :D

Now you got some Reasons why I started Hating on Israel and America :)
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Really? Their land? LOL> There was no such country as Palestine EVER. Perhaps you are referring to the British Mandate of Palestine from WWI to 1948? BTW 1948 is when Israel was declared a nation and it was ratified by the United Nations in other words it is LEGALY a country and NOTHING you have to say about it will change this. The Arabs there never started calling themselves Palestinians until Arafat did so after the 1967 war. This land was part of Jordan pre 1967 and last time I checked Jordan and Israel signed a peace accord so exactly whose business is it that this land is administered by and is part of Israel since 1967? Near as I can tell it is NO ONE"s business. Israel has been re-established where it is for sixty seven years and my advice to you is to get used to it, because nothing you say, nothing you do and nothing you fantasize about will ever change this reality - it is a fact. I know Arabs don't like to be confused with facts but nevertheless it is a fact. I know you don't like it but honestly I am just fine with you not being happy. This does not bother me in the least.

Nonsense. Israel is RECLAIMING its ancient homeland from invaders, killers, squatters.

Nonsense. Israel is RECLAIMING its ancient homeland from invaders, killers, squatters.

Nonsense. Israel is RECLAIMING its ancient homeland from invaders, killers, squatters.

By the way, you should know that when the Palestinians left Israel, it was actually due to their own leaders instructions. Also, NO COUNTRY, Muslim or otherwise, has ever tried to assimilate them into their culture. Jordan gave them aid, but kept them separate, which kept the grievance up WAY to long. For gods sake! It was ages ago!