Physiological Quandary

 The part of our brains that regulate emotion give us a quick jolt of anger or frustration whenever we encounter an argument or point of view that drastically contrasts and/or contradicts our own. Not only that, but the very same region also gives us a jolt of happiness and satisfaction when dealing with arguments that we agree with.

In other words, our brains reward positively for sticking to our own point of view, and, to quote David Wong, "for being closed-minded dicks."

In terms of "letting go," it would seem logical that things with which we are comfortable and approving give a similar jolt of endorphins. So to defect from said euphoric activity would, to put it bluntly, hurt. You become irritable, angsty, and very unpleasant to be around. Much like your average alcoholic would were he or she to go cold-turkey (though much less physically trying).

Then again, that could just be this Maker's Mark and Coke talking again…


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Hey zeligocity, I completely agree that our "circuitry" is responsible for so much of our decisions and actions. If our brain can tie the input into the neural pathways that are already there, it is easier to accept. If it doesn't fit in, our brain tries to reject it and it takes more effort to get it in there and use it. <br />
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I don't go for the pre-ordained thing (some people interpret it that way), and I don't think you do either. However, we have to work around our biological responses if we want to change. Did we learn to hang onto a negative situation? Did we not learn the value of leaving a bad situation? Then, that's how we are more and more likely to react as time goes on. We've got to take a leap beyond it to change our approach (and likely do a bad job at it the first umpteen times...)

butterflyeffect: to each their own.<br />
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Adnawat: it would very much behoove you to remove yourself from that situation. POSTHASTE. The best way to get over her is excommunication.

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