What's Up With Us Men ?

 I'm really curious to know why it seems men have far more fetishes than women, by a huge difference it seems to me.

So many men have such focus on some things, most often sexual, and yet women seem far less driven towards, and distracted by, images and items and the like.....

its a marvelous mystery me thinks.......

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Jeje<br />
Men are far more visual than women- but we girls have our own fantasies and fetishes. and for a gay woman-- maybe some even more intense then the men have. I for one think we women just keep them more private. Lets just say I have my secrets and only my most intimates know them.

For what it's worth I don't think men do have more fetishes than women. However I think because of the way society's structured and the expectations it imposes on both sexes, men are freer to be more open about their sexual preferences. In a sense it's one of the last remaining inequalities and I wish society's norms allowed men and women to be more equal in terms of their self ex<x>pression. Oh, and I say that as a man!

I couldn't agree more! There was never a woman I was with that could keep me entertained, sorry ladies! I am more into guys(gays), oops, did I just say, that?

men are born with more testosterone which increases the sex drive that and women are raised to be afraid of sex or to use it as an advantage over men most of the time. so it's not that men have more fetishes women just don't admit to them

Ok, this is when I start thinking that I should have been born a man ... I'm a woman...but I love **** (visual)...love the whole black leather, thigh high boots dom thing (fetish)...have all kinds of fantasies about ********** with another woman, my boyfriend and I (kinky). Maybe it's just because women don't talk about their particular kink in public?

amen...god is black and she loves you...

makes sense to me. we all know women are smarter which explains why their fantasies are more complicated than mens are as well

One of the main theories that I'm aware of about why men are more visually inclined than women involves man's historical role as hunter. If the survival of you and your loved ones depends on spotting a deer in the forest, you'd better have a good appreciation for the visual.

true! in my readings here i have noticed many women have rape or dom/sub fantasies these could certainly qualify as fetishes

I agree that most men are a lot more visual, but I disagree that they are more sexual.<br />
I think women do have their own little things that turn them on, and they can be just as specific. Except rather than be about feet or legs or shoes or whatever, often they're a bit more story or situation driven... that's what I've found anyway. That's still a fetish, it's like a specific situation that just presses a button and turns them on. Just my thoughts...

Anyways, I love it all !!

Hmm. True. But still it's all about 'image'

but we're not talking the female body here ....... it the accessories that seem to be fetized like high heels or silk stocking or rubber or satin gloves etc.....

This is true too! The female body is much more beautiful :)

women are just much more enjoyable to look at than men are

Yeah! Definitely a visual thing, i think. I've always wondered how men can get so turned on by looking at a picture or something, i never understood it.

yes there are HUGE differences between men and women no matter what certain groups will try to tell you. we think differently about most things. men tend to be more visual and more violent we tend to be better at sciences and mathematics, women tend to be more verbal, better caregivers and are better at arts and communication. these are just a few of the differences but we are fundamentally different in so many ways. that is not a bad thing it is actually a very good thing for the survival of our species.

because men are more sexual and visual than women...maybe women's fetish is the lack of fetish or interest in anything sexual.

I just think there is a huge chasm of difference between the sexes that its kinda like, wow ? are we that different ? !! I'm not especially kinky or sexed up or anything else but I've got loads of little fetishes and things that are such a quick immediate visual jolt to the mind..... well, there we are, its probably visual I guess. But women are usually so much more intuitive and introspective I think that one would expect them to have loads of fetishes than they seem to have.

Men tend to more visual when it comes to there sexuality and that manifest into the fetishes you see.

I read men tend to be more attracted to physical characteristics than women. Perhaps the same reason men tend towards physical turn-ons may be why they sometimes have material turn-ons.

I'm interested in a conclusion to this too!