Is Cuckolding Species Preservation Instinct?

I have a question for cuckolds. How long has it been since your lady friend has had a child? Could it be that if a couple has sex for a period of time without conception that we instictively subconsciouly change partners. In other words maybe even we are using some form of birth control that our instincts are tying to create a conception.

I realy don't understand my cuckold fantasy, but it doesn't go away. I have a deep desire for my wife to thrill and be trilled by another man. I don't know why this is but it seemed to start some years after we had our last child and I got fixed.

I did have one incounter with a married woman that her husband let her go on a cruise alone. She mentioned that her husband did not make love to her for the two week prior to the cruise and told her to have a good time and he'll be waiting for her when she gets back. It was obvious to me but she had a hard time believing that her husband was encourging her to cuckold him. She mentioned that she was happily married and her husband was also fixed.

what do you think?
lookingbetween lookingbetween
Sep 14, 2012