Love And Lust

Well as you know we are all interested in sex at least some what. It is an urge given us by nature, some have a stronger urges than others. That being said I feel that every one has thought about sex with some one other than your chosen partner or lover. Maybe it's together with some one else or you just watch but you get stimulated by the thought. What ever it is you have a desire for it and to say you don't is not admitting the truth. Some people have a desire to go that extra step and share with others even their own spouse or mate even if only in fantasy. Let"s face it without this urge we would not be here cause your grandma let your grandpa tear her up. Even the Vatican the head church has the largest collection of ***** in the world except for maybe the internet.

 Men and women are really no different but society has labeled them as such. Normally men are thought of as horny and perverted dogs who would hump anything that comes our way. And women are labeled the opposite as refined and delicate souls that only long for romance from their partner. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Have you seen how many ladies on this site call themselves ***** or dirty ***** and have a desire to be so? Thank god for that hey guys. My point is even the people who talk behind your back about she is a **** and ***** any guys or girls that she can get. Are still the same and they are thinking those thoughts even though they don't want to admit it openly or privately. I found out my grandma and grandpa had to get married because she was pregnant. So to think that we actually honored  those marriage before sex rules is a little crazy anyway. The oldest profession in the world is what? This is nothing new people.

 I am married and find myself again in a sexless marriage. We have been married 30 years and this has happened several times now. The first time we almost got divorced but we ended up staying married. Have you ever had an inflatable doll to screw? You can probably make it work for a while but soon you will be looking for something different. Same thing here part of what gets you excited and makes you *** during sex is knowing and seeing the other partner is also enjoying it too. I have proven this to myself and my wife on several occasions. When she would get in her no sex mode I can occasionally have sex but she gets naked spreads her legs and covers up from waist to head. She makes no sound or movements. Soon I will not be able to keep erect for long kind o f like screwing a doll.

 To get her out of this mode I tried to get her to talk and when she did we got back into a normal sex life. So I need to find out what she likes and try to get her thinking. We watch **** and I ask her what she wants to see I don't know etc. Well I am here to tell you she does she is just not wanting to tell you for some reason. I started putting different videos in and when I seen her enjoying Then I knew at least something. Thru trial and error I found out some of her fantasies. She likes anal swell I will **** that ***. She likes big dicks OK I can do that too. She likes DP sweet we can try that. so those were the videos I would concentrate on. I went and bout her several ****** and presented the idea of watching her she was OK with it.

 I put in a video of double penetration one night and we were watching it. I started to stroke myself hoping to help her and me. Soon she was fingering herself and moaning. She then started using a double ended ***** in her ***** and I watched. We got to a pretty hot scene where the lady had one in her ***** and one in her *** drilling the hell out of her. I looked over and she had one end in her ***** and one in her *** just going to town. I started to talk to her do you like that, oh yes. Are you going to ***, yes  I already have. Would you like to try that for real Yes YES. I ****** the hell out of her ***** and *** that night. Afterwards she felt like talking and confessed she would really like to have 2 men **** her like that. I told her if she wanted to some day I would allow her to even if I was not one of them. But she had to convince me it was for the thrill of sex and not to replace me.

 One time I put in guys with huge ***** and had bought her a 12" thicker than my wrist with balls on it. She was getting turned on seeing these girls do huge ***** and we both were playing with ourselves and she got that big one out.  She was loving it as well and after a while she was acting like her wrist was hurting so I took over. I pulled it all the way out and it made a sound (puck) and then I slowly put it all the way in as far as it would go and it made a sound (puck) I did this over and over she was in heaven and wet as hell. Then she said something my frigid wife said balls deep I said what and she said OH YEA BALLS DEEP. I got faster and faster all the way in and out I hammered that ***** and she began to squirt. I had her squirting for at least 5 minutes. I was so ******* hard and I couldn't believe it. Even though she was super wet ans kind of stretched from the girth I had the best **** of my life. We were able to talk about it and she told me she had one about that size when we split up the first time and would love another one.

 We did this for black *****, two women, gang bangs, bisexual men, and we would talk after we ******. so now I know she likes sex and what she thinks about to get her all worked up We made her squirt whenever she felt like it. It was all fantasy and visual simulations and just between us. I told her when we talked that we could do some of these things if ever she wanted to try. She agreed that seeing your partner having a good time was a key to fantastic sex and she would love to have a big **** and a double penetration sometime. Maybe even a MFF. I told her as long as we both were into it and doing it for just sex then we could. I told her I would even suck **** for her if she would like. I don't know what happened or why but we went back to she doesn't want sex and we never tried those things and she doesn't want to. 
If we could have a DP and get her back into the swing of sex between us then so be it. I even decided to see if I could suck some **** for her if she would ever ask and I tried it. I liked it but she still won't have sex again. I go for 6 months sometimes and then I get to **** the doll.

So the answer to your question is LUST AND LOVE.

toolgnomb toolgnomb
51-55, M
Sep 18, 2012