Why Do Most Doctors Think They Are Superior?

Throughout my 41 years on this planet, I have had some terrible health problems invade my body.    Along with these problems, a person can't help but be effected emotionally. I don't wan't  anyone reading this to think that I am feeling sorry for myself.   I look at everything as a learning experience.  It's how you deal with adversity, that makes you grow as a person., but...Since when did "most" doctors start believing that they can treat people like crap, and totally get away with it. 

My feeling on this matter is,..." If you ( doctors) can't treat people with dignity and at the very least, respect, why in Heaven's name would you become a doctor?  I mean really, has anyone ever actually researched an ailment a little online, before going into your doctors visit?  Just to have some other option to ask about if...God forbid...he or she cannot find an answer?   Then, He/She treats you like crap, and tries to belittle you because THEY are the doctor, And you're NOT!  Oh, how dare you open your mouth and ask questions!!!  On top of that, I am paying these jerks!  They have the compassion of a box of hair.  They shovel out the news you really don't want to hear sometimes, and offer no sign of hope.  Mostly, they're cold as ice, and you leave their office feeling worse than how you felt while going in.  It makes me sick" 

What happened to becoming a Physician, so they can help others?  Does that even exist? All I know for sure is this; I hope, one day, these mean, rotten, cold-hearted Doctor's who deserve to have this rubbed in their face. and receive the same treatment they have given me.  After all, what goes around, comes around!

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It's because doctors spend 10-12 years in school and then make 45,000 a year as a resident for four years. Generally residents handle the grunt work, running from the icu to the er doing the stuff that other doctors don't feel like doing.

In terms of not being compassionate, that's part of the job. When you're dealing with life-threatening conditions and people in extreme pain, you look at the lesser cases as being hypochondriacs or people that are taking up the space that can be filled with a more serious patient.

The problem with compassion is it opens up both parties (doctor and patient) to have an emotional connection. If something were to go wrong and the patient were to die, imagine how that makes the doctor feel. Doctors that work with serious cases aren't compassionate for that reason and those that are compassionate are at higher risk for spousal abuse, alcoholism, and drug habits.

The superiority happens when doctors spend 12 years of their life eating ramen and studying so they can become a doctor. There is no other non-military profession that requires that degree of sacrifice and accomplished doctors feel like they've made basically a turd (under privileged college student) into solid gold (the doctor). I hope maybe that can give you some insight.

Also, you're not paying the doctor. You're paying the facility. If you don't like the treatment, you have every right to switch doctors or file a lawsuit.

I Dont agree. architects have a miserable existence in modern times. and they require just about as much school. and just about as many hours of dedication. a 4 to 5 year degree plus a 2 to 3 year masters. and then 3 years of internship and this is before they can sit for any testing to become licensed. . . MD doctors I will repeat ate not the only sleep and socially deprived group. they may study the body and its functions. and such. but an architects study is just as intense. including all of the arts. art history. applying physics. and how to keep the hospital the MD is working in from crushing the MD and all the people inside when the wind and storms come and the heavy equipment is loaded onto each floor. coordinating many trades . . . engineers , HVAC. plumbers, electricians. and knowing enough about each trade in order to communicate ideas and instruct each as needed. . . . and in the end. then architect may still eat noodles because great pay is not promised. . .

I totally agree. I just went to a new doctor for a health issue, and instead of him offering compassion ,he scared the life out of me and had me in hysterics in his office, showing no compassion whatsoever. I felt a million times worse since going to see him. He had the biggest God complex ever and kept repeatedly saying."I'm the doctor, your not. Such doucebag s.

I'm assuming you just couldn't come to terms with your diagnosis. Something that you thought was mild ended up being serious. (Seen this happen many times with people that are diagnosed with hepatitis C through liver enzymes.)

Think of it this way: 5 years medical school, 6 years intern. All so you can examine urine and stool samples. Dropping drops of **** on a bit of paper, observing **** in toilet bowls, examining ***** and ******* close-up, prostate tests with the dreaded rubber glove and cough test. We may not be superior to doctors, but if they think drowning themselves in **** and **** and *** makes one better than everyone else, I'm happy to remain inferior!

If medical school doesn't turn them into passionless robots then group or private practice will and since the insurance companies run medicine anyway most doctors just feel like pawns on a giant chessboard where every other patient is a possible lawsuit and the wrong move will land your lab coat in court. So I can fully appreciate how low the morale is in medicine.

I had a retired surgical nurse tell me she got out of the business just in time since it's no longer about healing but about money and power. And they wonder why there is a doctor shortage? You survive medical school, get your M.D. and find out that some insurance company C.E.O. with no medical school debt is going to tell YOU how to practice medicine. Any questions?

Because sir as time goes on they see the same things play out over and over and over again. The constant suffering they expose themselves to makes them jaded, it will make anyone jaded. Your story is tragic to you but to them its just "Arthritis number 12,897" That is just the way it will be. Its not their fault its just how humans are, suffering is normal to a doctor, so your suffering is no different to them than anyone else, everyone who comes to see him is hurting in some way and he must treat all of them, you are not special, you are just another person who needs help. To top it off they actually DO know better then about 90% of everyone they ever help in the terms of medical knowledge. Medical knowledge is their world, so basic physiology they will come to feel like they are smarter then everyone else. So just shut up, take the treatments they give you and be happy you live in a time period where if you have a bacteria eating your foot off we have people who know how to get rid of it and save you from a chair bound life.

I can't help but notice the general level of hostility in your reply. I was simply stating facts as conveyed to me by more than one healthcare professional whereas you are telling me to "shut up and take my medicine?" Sir, I would love to do just that, I'm an expert at shutting up and if I only had a health plan I would love to take my medicine also. As for your statement; "take the treatments they give you and be happy you live in a time period where if you have a bacteria eating your foot off we have people who know how to get rid of it and save you from a chair bound life" this is so absurd I had to respond to it, when was the last time you had to go to the emergency room or otherwise without health insurance? I assume you have a plan of some kind, shape or form? You seem more than willing to get up on a soapbox and tell me what I'm suppose to be doing.


well when in hospital if you ask questions, they may answer, but they may say sorry have to go dont have time. If you object to a certain coarse of treatment, to your body, to your life they say you are interferring and causing problems. So we are not meant to object to any decision they make about body's our lives because if we do we are interferring. In other words do as i say or get someone else. To me that is totally controlling. They do this with body language to try and shut you up.

Most doctors are just walking data ba<x>ses with ice water in their veins, so don't expect much in the way of warm fuzzies. If you make it through medical school which is a totally dehumanizing experience you come out with a degree but usually at the cost of your soul.

I know plenty of doctors who are kind and compassionate. Most are. But really why is this so important to people? I will take a brilliant doctor who knows he is brilliant over a so so doctor with compassion. Doctors are not your surrogate daddy. They are not your mama. This is their JOB. I guess I look at this a little different being the child of a doctor. Now my father was a very kind doctor, but what he did put food on the table. It made him money. My mechanic fixes my car for a salary. And my doctor heals me for a salary. Would it be nice if all doctors would pat your head and tell you what you want to hear without judgement? Yea. But is being healed the primary concern for me? Yes.<br />
<br />
Control freaks HATE doctors. They bring their own arrogance to the doctors office and when they are confronted with a very, very complicated series of scientific facts that took decades to learn, they feel like the doctor has "attitude". And then they charge right back into Whole Foods to stock up on wholeistic garbage so they can feel "in control" again and go on and on about how a positive attitude will heal anything. <br />
<br />
And everyone should understand that doctors have compassion fatigue. Even a general practitioner has to deal with death all the time and non stop whining people. My father never complained about these folks and for that I feel he is a saint. Surgeons have it even worse. People die under their hand all the time. If they want to be able to cut someones body open tomorrow after losing someone today they have to give up caring to a certain degree. Otherwise it would eat them up. A lot of doctors don't go to funerals because of this. <br />
<br />
Doctors may not be what you want them to be: a caring person who holds your hand and tolerate every uninformed concern. What you should do is become informed, ask well thought out questions, get second opinions, and treat them like you would your mechanic. Sometimes the best ones are ********.

******** can take a hike. When I am paying the bill, they better treat me with respect! They had better keep a civil tongue in their mouth when they are talking to me too! I have moved out of CA. and have found an entire hospital full of compassionate, informative doctors who don't think they can treat people badly and get away with it.
As far as your comment about treating doctors like my mechanic. How the best ones are ********, well, if you are willing to fork out your hard earned money to an *******...that's your problem!

You are entirely correct and its quite astounding to me how people have no critical thinking skills and wont or cant put themselves int eh doctor\'s shoes. What if someone came up tot hem at their work and demanded hat they cure a problem in their foot, then after you use your knowledge base to form your best hypothesis as to why they might have this problem so you can fix it, they proceed to think they know better than you. Why would you smile and give them a hug? They asked for you help then discounted it.

And if you become informed, most doctors resent it.

spot on. nobody ever takes care of the doctor, not even the doctor. they give up their youth and often the ability to start a family, in order to care for strangers, with little thanks, and much much less financial incentive than people assume. when people complain about the price of an airline ticket, they don't think the pilot is getting rich. why do they assume doctors are taking home all the cost of healthcare? people are ********, doctors are people, therefor some doctors are ********, but it's actually a disproportionately low number relative to the general population.

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Its incredible how they insist on being called doctor even away from work which no other profession does apart from maybe the army. Also go to three different doctors get three totally different answers. Suppose to be a science yet that proves that a lot is just opinion. There is an old saying that the difference between god and a doctor is that god does not think he is a doctor.

Of course you will get different opinions. Even in non-biological sciences you get different ideas based on who you ask. Why? Because that is how science works, you take your pool of knowledge and experience why may be different from everyone Else\'s and is most case is certainly a little different. With that pool of knowledge you then form a hypothesis as to why this might be occurring, for a doctor they must also try and figure out how to STOP the event as well not just what the event is. Doctors have it even harder, as there are literally thousands of things that can be very wrong with a person if they have a tiny red blotch on their skin. That is one reason a goo d doctor will tell you to get a second opinion, they know that another person in their field will see the problem differently and by comparing notes they can eliminate options until the actual cause and solution to the event are found.

I love that saying ;)

I've never met a doctor who wants to be called doctor by friends or family outside of work. And I know literally hundreds of doctors. so there's that. if they want you to call them doctor outside the hospital, it's probably because they couldn't get around the next aisle of the grocery store without being seen, and you approached them anyways, and they're trying to make a point that you are a patient, not a friend. so there's that too.

I totally agree. <br />
<br />
I was watching Gray's Anatomy the other night, and one of the characters said, "As doctors, we are trained to believe our patients are always lying to us."<br />
<br />
I was like... WHY??? So THAT explains why, every time I go to a doctor they don't believe a word I say. It's insulting, frustrating, and despicable. Why would I lie to a doctor, when I am there to get help with my problem? Isn't that kind of counter-productive?

its not you in general, its the drug seekers out there abusing the system that make doctors think like that. it these type of people that cost them their jobs.

Well one...Grey's Anatomy is a show. Just in case you didn't know. Second, if that statement means anything it means always follows the clues so you don't miss something. Let the patient guide you but don't rule out other diseases just because the patient's history may stray you away from a diagnosis.

Thank you for taking time to reply to my message. Yes, the Hippocratic Oath does say "First, do no harm." "FIRST". One day, I became so disenchanted and angry, that I threw that verse in the doctors face as my husband was taking me out of the patient area, through the packed waiting room in my wheelchair. I was so upset, (but not as upset as he was, I believe) that I had a gran-mal seizure right there in front of everybody waiting. Nothing new to me. But, what was new to the waiting patients, was that the doctor shut down the reception area, to everyone. They were screaming and banging on the glass for him to help me, and he never did. Everybody saw him for what he was. The help I did receive was from the EMT's and the Fire Fighters who came to my aid. On a personal Justice note: That so-called doctor was cowering down to the Firemen and Women and EMT's who chewed him out for not helping me, and who reported him to the Authorities!

What happened to the 'Hippocratical Oath'? I beleive this says 'Do No Harm To The Pateint'. Ihave also seen doctors who seem to 'care More for the Status of Being called 'Doctor', than they do for the Human Being with Thoughts and Feelings who are Sitting with them in their Office, and who who, when Some One Does not have sufficeint Fiscal FUNDS, SAYS 'WELL, WE HAVE DONE ALL WE CAN DO HERE',FURTHER TESTING WILL COST-X- AMOUNT OF DOLLARS'. So yes, I Agree.

Amen to that!

Thank You Seamist. There are many things I can tolerate, but , when it comes to me knowing my own body, when things aren't right, the last thing I need is some snooty, high brow , I drive a Jaguar, and you don't, insensitive jerk, telling me it's all in my head, I get furious! I find it amazing how quickly they forget how not so long ago, they were eating Top Ramen for their nutritional sustinance, and could barely afford toilet paper! All I know is, I would rather drive my 1975 Jeep CJ5, and be a great friend to people, than drive that Jag, and be a jerk!<br />

Question is how much do you know of your own body. Do you understand the basic physiology of your organ systems and the pathogenesis of disease. People go to a doctor for a reason. They don't know they're body. Also, why haven't you guys gone to a woman doctor or a black or brown doctor. I assume you guys while complaining, all go to Caucasian white collar, privileged since birth doctors. Some of the most compassionate doctors I know women or black.

We're still out here. Been busy. Things are moving forward on our case and depostions are next. Our case was approved to go forward with the judge. Now to figure the date. Other side is balking but all evidence had to be shown to prove we had a case with the judge. So, now they all know what we have. <br />
Enjoy sharing since it helps heal and hoping our experiences will help others. Just can't keep it all bottled up anymore. I did get a kick out of this story and could just see it. Appreciate your support and encouragement. It means more than you know. Makes life bearable. And for any blessings sent this way, we will be happy to accept them. Thank-you, Leg

Hey Legalities! I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you okay? And your family? I hope so. <br />
What a nice thing to say about me and my story! I absolutely love it when someone takes the time to read my stories, and especially leave a comment. I am so happy to bring a smile to your face, and a chuckle to boot! I think you are a very special person, who has been through some very trying times yourself. I believe there are many lovely things coming your way. I'm so sorry for all the pain and frustration you and your husband have been through, and continue to experience. I you ever want to talk, I'm here sister!<br />

I understand your frustration and it is all about the MONEY for most doctors these days. But, I have to say, you put a smile on my face with a few chuckles on the side, reading your article because of the way you put it out there. Would be a great ebook, "A Patient's Perspective". Stand your ground. They work for you and most often they don't have any more answers than you can get on the internet.

Thank you for your comments guys. There is one thing I wanted to add to my story, but was too angry at the time to write it. I want all the EMT's, Firefighters, Nurses, Police Officeers, and anyone else who is in the business of caring for people to understand one thing. I hold all of you in such high regard, because YOU folks are the people who do all the work. How many women have been literally seconds from giving birth, and the doctor is no where to be found? Until the child is hanging halfway out of the uterus, then at the last second possible, they show up with the catcher's mit, just in time to be the "hero" who get's to hold the baby up for the parents to see, and cut the cord? Damnit people, the people in my eyes who deserve the accolades, are the people who just spent the last umpteen hours hearing us scream, and deal with all the bodily fluids that come out.! They deserve the big paycheck, not the bone-head that just received his house payment that shot out of your body!!! Praise goes to those who deserve it.<br />

You preach it, honey! When the compassion is gone, it's time for a new job. Seems all people care about these days is money. (And people told me I was "too emotional" for my job) cause I get right there with them, listen to them, cry with them...I know exactly how you feel. You just keep up the good spirits, good things will come to you. <br />
Always your friend,<br />

I teach future doctors and I always ask why they want to go into medicine. Astonishingly many can't answer this question well and when I probe it pretty much comes down to money and prestige. Few want to make people better. For the most part they are good at memorizing but have terribly analytical skills and are motivated for the wrong reasons. <br />
<br />
You’re not a patient you’re a cash caw that is there to pay for the new Porsche. The goal is to get the next patient in as quickly as possible because the only way to increase profitability is to increase patient turnover.<br />
<br />
Real physicians are a thing of the past.

why are those type of people are allowed to be doctors?

because they make the grade

So also the more tests ordered, the more they make money?