Now it stands to reason that a networking site is designed for people who ordinarily would not give someone a second glance to meet and congregate. Why the name of everything sacred would you join such a site if you antisocial or paranoid enough to block your profile from ANYONE seeing?

That basically kills the possibilities for friendship and it's not even like the EP asks for a whole lot of personal information. Can someone explain this act of sheer lunacy to me?

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Excepting the cases of underage and stalking, I see no valid reason to block anyone...if you don't wanna interact with them , ignor them. I have personally been blocked five times. Each of them from someone who made a nasty comment, then ran and hid behind a block. What are we here for if not to meet all kinds of people. Is there no resolution to a situation other than to block the offender?? In at least one case , the person who was so offended by me as to block me, continued commenting on my stories, as if it were perfectly normal, and there was no animosity between us....go figure!!!

I totally agree! I have been on sites to where I get invites for friends, but they don't show their profile. if they have something to hide, then don't send the invitation. That is automatically a no for me.

You can become friends with the younger crowd, They have to let you in first. Try commenting on their stories and asking them to be your' friend. Or try sending them a gift with a message attached. That's how I got around the EP token you need to talk to 'Mature' people. Good luck :)

Yep, such is life. Sometimes theirs no rhyme or reason that holds true for the general population.

Sometimes the profiles that are blocked are underage persons, otherwise you are right that it makes no sense to block contact from a person.