I Wonder Why...

These days, I often come across both males and females who have had their bodies pierced and those little metal things inserted into their bodies - sometimes in the most unlikely places, such as the tip of their tongue, an eyebrow, or other places too intimate to mention... And I have always felt it would be both hurtful, inconvenient, and perhaps a health hazard.

Why do people do it???

I suppose its a bit like getting a tattoo - it makes a statement about the person's self-image. I really wonder about why they do that as well... although there is some really beautiful art out there. But I don't see really how a bit of metal stuck through one's body enhances one's looks - unless its like the primitive tribespeople putting a bone through their nose - a bit of decoration to either show that they're strong enough to withstand the pain of having it done (a sort of 'rite of passage'), or an individualistic piece of decoration to help boost their self-image.

What do you people think?

Waiwera Waiwera
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4 Responses Jun 21, 2008

I must admit I don't like to see it in its extreme, at work there is a young girl who has them poking out from all angles and they are just the ones on show!!!

i think it's one of those things you either get or you don't. i have a white crystal nose stud, a bellybutton jewel and a sideburn bar, though i think those are all the piercings i'll get for a while. i find them beautiful but i can understand those who don't. not only do i like the way my piercings look, but each one symbolizes something different. my independence, my newfound bond and friendship with my older sister (who got her bellybutton pierced with me) and the mark of the most amazing summer of my life as well as some positive changes i've worked up the courage to make. most importantly, i pierce my body for ME and no one else. people have felt the urge to decorate their bodies for thousands of years, and i guess i still have that instinct imbedded in me.

I have my tongue pierced. Not only do i like the way it "looks" on me, but i also got it as a symbol of a fear i had overcome... I also like the way that lip rings look and if i didn't have to work i would totally have one.<br><br><br />
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It just lends an artistic value to some peoples looks "if" they prefer After all beauty is one of the most subjective things on the planet.<br><br />
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Also (LOL) It is empowering to me. I've had many experiences that have "taken" my control over my body away from me. It was another way for me to reclaim my personal power and strength.