What Is The Criteria?

Why is it wrong to kill yourself? Why? I'd really like to know. Who the hell gave these people, doctors etc. the power to say it is wrong to kill yourself? How do they know it? Who are they to say that there is no reason. There is nothing that you could go through, no pain or trial that would allow you the chance for some peace? How many doctors have experienced depression, a debilitating disese, violence, loss, trauma, rape? Why aren't these valid reasons? Why should people who deal with these things have to suffer? Because there is a law that says its illegal and insane to do so? That's assuming that the people who made the laws know ANYTHING about the feelings that cause suicide. Which they don't. Is it fear of the unknown? They don't know what it is to kill oneself, so they don't want other people to have the courage to go through with that which will end their pain. Is that really fair? No, its not. Those who want to die do so because they have no other options. You do not get to that point without considering the alternatives. Believe it or not, for some people, the grave is the only way to cure their pain.
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you better believe it.