A friend of mine on here, JoeyFox, wrote something in here and it gave me the idea to present my take on it.

I think it is human nature to want to find out where we fit in. So, in turn we accept particular labels for ourselves, whether we mean to or not,so whether it is spiritual beliefs, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Even if you consider yourself a bit of an odd ball like myself, where you feel like the minority in the way you think, you still choose a label.

Then, due to some peoples strong beliefs, they try to bully you into accepting particular labels. Assumptions are made without really taking the time to know what the person thinks as an individual.

If you do not want to call yourself a feminist, then you must not be in support of equal rights among the sexes. If you call yourself a feminist, then you are a man hater who believes in female superiority. If you are an anti-feminist, then you must hate women, equal rights, and do not appreciate the women in history who were willing to fight for women's rights.  If you call yourself Conservative, then you must be a racist who supports all Republican candidates, want to remove women's right to do with her body as she wishes, and a religious zealot. If you are a liberal then you are ignorant lacking knowledge in economics, baby killers, and agree with all Democrats. If you are Muslim then your hate all Christians and Americans and your religion tells you to kill them. If you are Christian then you are against everyone that does not believe like you and think they are all going to hell. If you are Pagan then you are anti-Christian and you live in a fantasy land where spells are real like in fairy tales.

Of course, all of the above are only stereotypes that are put in place due to fanatics within each group and/ or from a fanatic of another spreading hate as a defense of their own ignorance. Not all people within each of the labels fit the stereotype. Call me an idealist, but I do believe that inside, most people are good people. When they choose to allow themselves to be labeled it is usually because they believe in the basic positive principles that are with that label.

Now here are some general reasons why I feel people really choose to wear the labels above.  They are also aspects that I happen to agree with within each label.

Feminist- Equal rights for women, to stop the abuse of women, and the right for a woman to do with her body as she wishes.

 Anti-feminist- Equal rights for men. Yes, it is needed, especially where the aspect of abuse is concerned. There is less services for men then there are for women and less men speak up because of societies views that come from men and women alike.

Conservative- Believe in limited government and constitutional rights.

Liberal- Strongly believe in human rights in general.

Muslim- Peaceful, honest and humble with strong family values.

Christian- Peaceful, honest and humble with strong family values. 'notice how Muslims both have the same positive aspects'

Pagan- Open minded, earth friendly, a respect for all Gods/Goddesses.

Here are the labels that I have chosen to accept and why.

Paleoconservative or Libertarian- Appeals to my financially conservative side, limited big government, individual human rights, and a strong belief in the constitution and the rights guaranteed by the document. If an ideal Paleoconservative was in office, then the Federal government would not be making laws telling what you can put in or do to your body, whether it was drugs, prostitution, abortion or what ever. There would also be way less spending within the federal government.

Pagan- I feel a deep connection spiritually to a variety of Pagan spiritual beliefs. There is a balance between the feminine aspects and masculine aspects that I find appealing as well.

Mother- This one should be obvious, but I will say that I think the ability to be a life giver is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Open-minded- I feel I have the ability to or at least I try to look beyond stereotypes and look at things from all points of view. In turn I listen or read other schools of thought and am willing to admit that I agree with some of that groups ideals, even though I don't agree with the whole groups concept.

Compassionate- When I see someone acting fanatical, I have this ability to look beneath the surface of what they are saying. Yesterday, I watched a video of a fanatical feminist that was saying a lot of hate towards men. As she was speaking, I felt compassion for her. To feel so strongly the way she did, she really must have suffered some serious abuse and is allowing her anger to mask that pain. I felt that she was really broken inside and found myself wishing for her healing.

Humble- I am willing to admit when I am wrong and listen or read points of views from others.

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You know? I really enjoy reading your writings and share many of the same ideas and feelings on the topics I have read so far. Thank you for posting these stories, they say what I have a hard time find the words for sometimes. Blessed Be:-)

I admire and respect you for writing out your thoughts on this. I think it sounds pretty balanced. We all have some difference in our thoughts and that is the way it should be. The world would be a boring mess if we felt the exact same way about things. That is a BIG part of the issues on this. The angry extremists on both ends of this debate just want to be 100% right and attack anyone who doesn't agree... I appreciate the folks who can offer their views and in turn, accept the views of others.... That Rocks...

When people become fanatic they put on blinders and stop learning I believe. I think you kind of see the world like I do, because you seem to see the good in most and sit on the fense with a lot of things.

This makes me very very happy, and proud to call you my friend. :)

Thank you :)

Well said. You are very wise. We all struggle with these label issues. Where yin and yang meet is where the true core of us seems to be. Our souls the glue binding together extremes. We must travel utilizing and balancing between both sky and sea to reach our destiny.

Thank you :)

Anti-Feminist isn't for men's rights. The Mens Rights Movement or Masculinists are. The Anti-Feminists are against feminists.

I put aspects that I agree with within each group, which is what I wrote up above. Many of the anti-feminists that I have met have chosen to be in part because they believe things have become unbalanced where men have less rights in different areas. I can see their rational with those aspects. Like I wrote, I don't agree with them as a whole, like other groups mentioned, but I can stop to really read and see the whole picture, good and bad.

This was not meant to debate feminist views or insult anyone's views. It is simply the way I see things.

I was simply pointing out the differences in the terms.

Antifeminism is opposition to feminism in some or all of its forms.

The men's rights movement (MRM), a subset of the larger men's movement, is focused on addressing discrimination against men in areas such as reproductive rights, divorce settlements, domestic violence laws, and sexual harassment laws. It branched off from the men's liberation movement in the early 1970s, differing from that movement in its focus and rejection of pro-feminist principles.

Masculism or masculinism may refer to advocacy of the rights or needs of men and the adherence to or promotion of opinions, values, etc., regarded as typical of men. Two of the most prominent men's rights advocates, Warren Farrell and Jack Kammer, have been said to define "masculism" as "1. the belief that equality between the sexes requires the recognition and redress of prejudice and discrimination against men as well as women. 2. the movement organized around this belief." Adherents to such a philosophy may call themselves masculists or masculinists.

So I am not debating you, merely trying to help.

Thank you for informing me of those things. I need to look up some of those groups for my husband. My husband is a survivor of abuse and when looking for help there were all sorts of free resources for women, but very few for men. In my local area, I could only find services for men like him that were very costly and more than we could afford. Maybe looking up MRM will lead me to the right direction.

i like what you say about the usual stereotypes.

Thank you

A good post affinityterra. I suppose some labels can be useful as a starting point in a relationship of any kind ... but they are always limiting. We are all so much more than just the sum of our parts aren't we? Those parts of our personalities which we can label make each of us interesting and wholly unique ... and yet at the same time, it's our similarities which bond and unite us. Unfortunately, those same labels can often be a cause for division - I choose not to subscribe to any of them if I can avoid it. Citizens of the world unite!! haha

Yes, if only people would look at others as individuals, appreciate similarities and respect differences. There would be much more peace and more would get done for the better.

Thanks for the comment Bliss.