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From living with a man for more than 10 years whose mother spoiled him.  At some point she just pulls her hair out and goes crazy.

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It isn't reserved for the fairer sex, men can also be considered frumpy. If you both keep the honeymoon stage alive in your relationship. You will always want to look your best. We get comfortable with our partners because we know that even if they say anything about our appearance it could be ignored because "he/she won't leave me today just because I don't fix my hair or wear my clothes properly.<br />
"They won't care if I gain a little weight, they love me so I can afford to be a little lazy about myself" But if you both really care about yourselves you both will want to always look your best. Also if you really love them you will realize how much not taking care of yourself will affect them should your health be threatened by not paying attention to bad habits like being overweight, drinking too much, smoking, or not exercising to name a few. These will affect your relationship and make you both become sedentary. Not only in body but in attitudes about your relationship. Your relationship on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level will be affected, not to mention your sex life will be less than satisfying. It would be a good thing if a relationship shared a common goal of trying to be the best people you can be for eachother and there are many things you can do together to make that happen. You can cook healthy meals together, you can exercise together, you can bring out the best in eachother so that you can have eachother for a very long time. Even 10 year old relationships can be turned around into a fun relationship as you both discover how you both have let yourseves become frumpy about your relationship not just you bodies. The bodies is where it shows itself but the relationship it how it got that way. Just my opinion but I couldn't resist giving you my thoughts on this. There is equal fault in a marriage if a man or woman or both get frumpy. It's the marriage not the body that needs the work and each of you have to want to care enough to make your marriage as dynamic as it was when dating. It's very posible. <br />
(http://www.thefivelovelanguages.com) This will be a good book to read by Gary Chapman. 200 pages and it could make you both blissfully happy. I hope he is willing to try, you sound like you are ready for a change.

I think the real story here is about women who just refuse to dress really nice to keep their men attracted to them. Not only that, but who don't take care of themselves, gain excessive weight, and don't put their 100 % into the relationship. Most men are pretty simple beings. We will go overboard for a woman who is really attractive, confident and willing to do anything to keep her man happy. Men will put out twice as much for a woman who looks hottt, teases them, keeps their man guessing, and isn't afraid to make the effort! Now I'm not saying a woman can't relax, but she can do it by wearing sexy wear, instead of frumpy clothes that are not appealing in the least way. Put on some nice satiny tops, boy shorts, anything along those lines that are flirty yet comfy and irresistible to the touch! Even dress down with a pair of sunglasses on, a long tie, and a nice bra and tap pants set, to set the mood! Be creative, not boring! I would always give my wife lots of creative ways to be turned on, even when I was just relaxing. But she never took the hints I was dropping, so I finally am divorcing her. Eye candy is the best aphrodisiac! Blow your man away, jump up and wrap your legs around his waist, while he puts a flower in your hair and see how much more , the little things you do to impress, change the entire landscape!