My Inquiring Mind Would Like To Know

I'm always flattered to receive friend requests from people.  I will look on their profile to see what experiences we have in common and how many friends they currently have.  I don't like to add friends just because. I really do like getting to know people. 
So I will send an email to ask why did you want to add me to your circle?  I get a lot of different answers which facinates me. 
Emailing before I decide to add also give me the opportunity to get a glimpse of what a person is like.   
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I agree. I also look at profiles before adding people to my circle, but I don't usually email them. If I can tell why they've added me -- perhaps because of a comment, story, or shared interest, I just accept. <br />
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If the only experiences they have on profile are blatantly sexual and/or kind of pervy, or if they have no experiences at all -- I don't add.