This Is Where It Gets Confuse

you wanted to know why I add you? Just for no reason and I wanted to know why you add me? Just because..
well I guess I have good reason why because after all I don't barely come in here or doing stuff around here which I call it the least. but as an EP Friend I don't care less whatever happens to you if its about facebook or EP for example. I was here for 4 years and I grow up to realize that many people in any websites takes advantage of the whole Social Community that people express their writings turns it into a life wasting Entertainments with such pride and less Value for themselves  and each-other. 

People come in here because they believe or feel  they don't belong to any world to make it a living or struggling, just like I am right now.

We all have Fantasies and we expose them to websites to change who we are. 

What makes the Online Addicting is like Going to church, you felt Comfortable sitting there and hear all the preaching with calmness and peace, but the Computer is to sit on your butt and feel Comfortable with plain social for example, when two people standing right next to each-other having a social Conversation, they can feel each-other's presence if its Positive or Negative Energy? but on a social web you feel nothing from a Computer, and the writings haves no tune or emotions from someone's Type Writings but we expect those type of Emotions for ourselves as a reply instead. We get confused and wondering how do other people feel about us?  these types of Categories can lead to any reactions as in "Childish Behavior" "Stress" or "Lonely and desperately needing for Attention right away" I bet you all three of those can lead to Drama or Possibility of Suicide, but normally wasting our time. Those People needs help and I'm not saying this to be a smart@ss, but its a warning sign until near Future, what is your Future? if I was you I would worry right now if you're an Addict..
NoLifeOnEP NoLifeOnEP
22-25, M
May 5, 2012