I Have Added You To My Circle For A Reason

I added you to my circle for a reason. I have read your stories, comments, or your profile. Some have simply added me and I chose to become their friends. I believe that we can learn from one another. You have a story to tell and from that story a lesson can be learned. This is why I have chosen to add you to my circle!
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
2 Responses May 5, 2012

I definitely added you for a reason. I've always liked pastors and priests. Good specimen of the male species.

I really hope that I may make a difference in your life as well. I am different because I do not judge. I do let you know what the Bible says but I do not judge and will add friends of all variety. Jesus ate with the publicans and sinners. I only judge the sin and not the sinner. I will not hate you if you disagree with me.

I'm glad to be added to your circle. And hope to know you better.

I hope to know you better. You sound like a caring and fun person to be around.