I'm Just Curious.

So far it says i have 27 people in my circle. Half of them i have never talked to. I just dont know why they even added me.

Arorin Arorin
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heh most days...

Arorin, first I added you because I liked what you have to say most days,,,plus I am attached to Lions,,,,I love being your friend even though we don't really talk that much,,,I am still here for you if ever you need an ear,,,love and light mary

Im not going to stop until i do make it come true... The struggle still sucks.

Honestly, I don't think I'm smart enough to become a vet. But I'm gonna go for it anyway. Guess I'll see what happens... If that's your dream, you should try and make your dream come true. You won't really be happy or satisfied with yourself until you do...

I cant think of a life not being a rockstar. It sucks knowing how far away from my dream i am when i want it so much.

Yeah I know, there's a lot of different aspects and I think most people either don't know or forget that. I don't think I'd ever become a professional musician. I think it will stay as a hobby.

Its not just about skill though that is one thing. There is also learning to keep time. Playing with a drum. Theory to write music. so many effects and sounds the amp can make. Just so much to learn. If it was only skill i dont think i would stress to much. Hard work can take care of that, but i dont learn from reading to well i may never become a musician. No one pays you to learn this either. You need to invest time in jobs for money this life isnt cheap.

It is a lot of work. I've been playing for 10. I've had 3 really, really great teachers - played all over the world, toured, conducted, etc. I've learned a lot and it's not as easy at it looks. You can't just pick it up and in a few days know what you're doing. The class I have to demonstrate to tomorrow is on the very, very basics. They just learned what notes are.... Sigh.

The amount of music theory i have to learn combined with effects recording building up skill and speed seem so overwhelming to me. It would be cool if i could have one of my favorite guitar pla<x>yers as a mentor. I dunno maybe all of it will come in time they say 10 years and i have 4. i swear so many people have no idea the work that goes into music. They are so easy to judge.

Haha yeah, it was a fight. We were arguing over music... At least you actually knew what you were talking about and not some random person that has never picked up an instrument before.

I haven't added anyone to my circle yet. I do not know the reason why. So far all 28 people added me. I did have some people i wanted to add but i will probably keep names of those people with me to my grave! Yes it is odd since the first thing we ever talked about started off into a fight... i think it was a fight im not sure.

I rarely add people... simply because I do not like rejection... but if I see someone around and I like what they have to say, then I add them. Most have added me. I've added, like, 5.

Yup says me!

... -_- There is nothing sweat about me!