Haha! Sometimes I can't figure out why people add me! Lol. I just wanna hear your reasons. 😁
hellerpeople hellerpeople
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

I don't either.

It's so awkward asking though and I don't wanna sound bitchy. Lol

True, I asked once, and they are like... Idk either. Lol

I wouldn't say that. I usually add for a reason. Well most of the time people add me and if they're not creepy I add them too. Sometimes I wonder how they found me because I didn't post an experience for like 2 weeks and people kept adding me??? I wasn't on the news feed though...?

Probably you are in some groups. One time a person added me because I was in a depression group, wonder how I joined that group? Ha!

I don't know....Hahahaha. You think really randomly I've noticed!

Or perhaps your avi? Who knows?

What's an avi?

Lol. I'm not dumb. I just don't understand sometimes. Just making that clear. Hahaha

Your profile pic.

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