Curious... ^_^

i really want to know why.  but friends, i'm not fishing for compliments here.   

what has really caught your attention?  my avatar?  stories? 

thanks again guys.  thank you for adding me to your circle! 

SweetAppleBlossom SweetAppleBlossom
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10 Responses Mar 21, 2009

You added me as a favourite. I don't remember getting a request though.. I am reading your stories now. I'll think about adding you. :)

yeah, i did invite you bowlman. thanks for accepting my request. :)

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You invited me. ;-) I usually go by avatars or stories. That is if you are keeping count.

thanks parotice! my friends have been such a sweet blessing to me.. :)

awww... thanks again. (((hugs)))

You put up ur mood I come a with my fix ;o) ur so kind ;o) like u hugs..

haha. the massage was great. thanks for the kind words, lcafewood! :)

You asked me too ;o) I read your stories,I think you needed a massage,not feeling good.So I wanted to help ;o) is that ok ??like ur writing..u like mine..etc..and flourlady said ..

thank you flourlady! :D

you are sweet and kind!